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Our Goal

We believe that Jesus is the ultimate answer to the needs of every person, and the Bible is the place where we meet Jesus. So our strategy is simple: we labor to teach and preach God’s word as clearly as we can, calling people to place their full faith in Christ.

One of the greatest works that Jesus does is to unite those who belong to Him. It is our goal at Calvary to manifest the love and righteousness of Christ in committed, loving relationships with one another. Each person brings unique gifts to the congregation, and plays a vital role in helping the church become what God intends it to be.

Our Beliefs

Calvary Church is a self-governing body of believers not belonging to a denomination. We are associated with a fellowship of churches known as the IFCA International. We affirm the following fundamental doctrines of the faith:

  • The Bible is God’s word without error

  • God exists as a Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • Jesus is fully God and fully man

  • The human race is sinful and deserving of God’s judgment

  • Jesus died for our sins and physically rose again to life

  • Salvation is by faith in Jesus alone

  • Jesus will physically return to this world to reign in righteousness


Sunday  Services

   Morning Worship
   9 : 45 - 11 : 00 AM
   Coffee  Fellowship
   11 : 00 - 11 : 15 AM
   Sunday  School
   11 : 15 - Noon
   Evening  Service
   6 : 00 - 7 : 00 PM

Wednesday  Activities

      Kid's Club
   (October - April
   (Preschool-5th Grade)
   6 : 30 - 8 : 00 PM

   Teen  Program (Salteens)
   (October - April)
   (6th-12th Grade)
   6 : 30 - 8 : 00 PM

Contact  Information

   Church  Office:
   Tuesday - Friday
   10:00am - 4:00pm.
   269 - 792 - 2916

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   Mailing Address:
   Calvary Church
                             of Wayland

   304 S. Main Street
   Wayland, MI 49348


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