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CYM Quizzing

We are involved with Christian Youth Ministries quizzing in Benton Harbor, which usually meets the second Saturday evening of every month from October through March and the third or fourth Saturday in April. Anyone from 7th through 12th grade is welcome to join. Some have been able to earn scholarships through obtaining 800 points during the years that they have quizzed.

IFCA Quizzing

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We participate in the IFCA quizzing program. This includes different groups of varying levels of experience: novice (1st & 2nd year) and senior (more than 2 years) who have persevered to the end memorizing the material. We have quizzers younger than 7th grade who have memorized the novice material and have done quite well.

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We are very proud of the work that those involved are putting into it, but we also realize that memorizing scripture is just a means to the end purpose of being grounded in God's Word so that they can be conformed to the image of God's Son. God's Word will transform lives and putting it into our hearts where it can be recalled at a later date (even subconsciously!) will do that.

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Wednesday  Activities

      Children's  Program
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   Teen  Program
   (October - April)
   (7th-12th Grade)
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