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SOUL Patrol Preschoolers

 The Wednesday evening SOUL Patrol program for the four to six year olds enjoy stories from the Old Testament, learning lessons such as not only hearing God in His Word but obeying what it said, and that God can do anything, from sending plagues and parting the Red Sea to sending us His perfect, spotless Son. In the New Testament the foundational truths of Jesus and His miracles are taught to these little hearts. It is our prayer that even at this young age they, too, will want to become bringers of the Good News to every house and encourage the missionaries.


SOUL Patrol

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

For the SOUL Patrol program, our goal is first to be committed to bringing children into life-transforming relationships with God and one another through Jesus Christ. Then we teach and admonish them to live their lives for Christ on a daily basis. We do this by joyfully singing praises to God, Bible lessons, Scripture memory, quiet times, Christian service and gym time where they have fun, learn team work and learn how to get along with others. We also have several special evenings where there are games, movies and guest speakers.

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Did you know that the probability of someone embracing Jesus as his or her Savior is 32 percent for those between the ages of 5 and 12; 4 percent for those in the 13-18 age range; and 6 percent for those 19 or older? In other words, if people do not embrace Jesus Christ as their Savior before their teenage years, the chance of their doing so is slim! If we connect with children today, effectively teaching them Biblical principles and foundations while they are young, then we will see the fruit of that effort blossom for decades to come. Our children will define the future, which makes them our most significant and enduring legacy. (Excerpts from the book “Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, by George Barna.)


                                              Teen Program

The Wednesday night program for the Jr. & Sr. High Teens fills in the corporate learning aspect of the Youth program. Not only are we learning together, but this program also encourages the teens with a daily devotion time and Scripture memorization.

We start off the evening with 20 minutes of gym-game time. After that we have a time for refreshments, which is followed by announcements, which lead into a lesson. This portion varies in time, depending on the discussions that take place. The evening is concluded with small groups where we share prayer request and discuss what we have learned from our devotions or from the lesson.


Sunday  Services

   Morning Worship
   9 : 45 - 11 : 00 AM
   Coffee  Fellowship
   11 : 00 - 11 : 15 AM
   Sunday  School
   11 : 15 - Noon
   Evening  Service
   6 : 00 - 7 : 00 PM

Wednesday  Activities

      Children's  Program
   (October - April
   (Preschool-6th Grade)
   6 : 30 - 8 : 00 PM

   Teen  Program
   (October - April)
   (7th-12th Grade)
   6 : 30 - 8 : 00 PM

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