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Sermons by Pastor John Hicks

August 6, 2017 - Continuing
5/12/2019 AM (The Gospel Eliminates Favortism)
5/5/2019 AM (Two Kinds of 'Christian')
4/28/2019 AM (The Gospel Transforms Hardship)
4/21/2019 AM (Why the Resurrection?)
4/7/2019 AM (Good News for Derailed Worshipers)
3/30/2019 AM (Consider Your ways)
3/24/2019 AM (Yet I Will Rejoice)
3/17/2019 AM (Future-Driven Worship)
3/10/2019 AM (God is What?!)
3/3/2019 AM (Like an Ever-Flowing Stream)
2/24/2019 AM (Transformational Worship)
2/17/2019 AM (Now, about Music...)
2/10/2019 AM (Reverence vs. Religiousity)
2/3/2019 AM (The Dimensions of Worship)
12/30/2018 AM (Faithfulness Before Fame)
12/23/2018 AM (It's About Glory)
12/16/2018 AM (Revolutionary Joy)
12/9/2018 AM (The Unsettling Kindness of God)
12/2/2018 AM (Hope for the Besieged)
11/4/2018 AM (Mature Relationships)
10/28/2018 AM (Mature Children)
10/21/2018 AM (Learning Christ)
10/7/2018 AM (Walking Worthily)
9/30/2018 AM (Christ in Us)
9/23/2018 AM (Strange Strategies)
9/16/2018 AM (The Cornerstone)
9/9/2018 AM (Death to Life)
9/2/2018 (God's Victory Through Christ)
8/26/2018 (Moving On in Faithfulness)
8/19/2018 (Ultimate Authority)
8/12/2018 (Itching Ears)
8/5/2018 (The God of Justice)
7/29/2018 AM ( Daring Disobedience)
7/22/2018 AM (Fear, Dejection and the Whispering God)
7/8/2018 AM (Lose the Limp)
7/1/2018 AM (Battle Lines)
6/24/2018 AM (No Enemy God Can't Conquer)
6/17/2018 AM (The Faithful One)
6/10/2018 AM (The Word of the Lord)
5/20/2018 AM (Wisdom)
5/13/2018 AM (A New Community)
5/6/2018 AM (A New Era)
4/29/2018 AM (A New Gift)
4/22/2018 AM (A New World)
4/8/2018 AM (The Results of the Resurrection)
4/1/2018 AM (Easter Service)
3/30/2018 PM (Good Friday Service)
3/25/2018 AM "The Triumphal Entry through the Eyes of Jesus"
3/18/2018 AM "Practical Joy"
3/11/2018 AM "Press On"
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