Sermons by Pastor John Hicks

August 6, 2017 - Continuing
2/18/2018 AM "The Surprising Path To Joy"
2/11/2018 AM "The #1 Priority Of a Joyful Life Part 2
2/4/2018 AM "The #1 Priority Of a Joyful Life
1/28/2018 AM "Joy - It's What God Does"
1/14/2018 AM "Our Mission - Part Two"
1/7/2018 AM "Our Mission - Part One"
12/31/2017 AM "Two Views of the King"
12/24/2017 AM "Stand in Awe"
12/17/2017 AM "Born of a Virgin, Adopted by Royality"
12/10/2017 AM "Angel & Mary: Humility, Servanthood"
11/26/2017 AM "Prophets: God's Faithfulness"
10/1/2017 AM Revelation Series "Remain Faithful in Light of Judgment"
11/5/2017 AM "Remain Faithful Against Hypocrisy"
10/22/2017 AM Revelation Series "Remain Faithful Where You Live"
10/8/2017 AM Revelation Series "Remain Faithful Amid Suffering"
10/1/2017 AM Revelation Series "Remain Faithful in Love"
9/24/2017 AM Revelation Series "Take Heart"
9/17/2017 AM Colossians Series "Partnership in Grace"
9/10/2017 AM Colossians Series "Christ-Focused Relationships"
9/3/2017 AM Colossians Series "Set Your Minds Where Christ Is"
8/27/2017 AM Colossians Series "Freedom in Christ "
8/20/2017 AM Colossians Series "Walking in Christ, Rooted in Christ"
8/13/2017 AM Colossians Series "Christ-Like Ministry"
8/6/2017 AM Colossians Series "Christ, the Beloved Son"
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