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Sermons by Pastor John Hicks

August 6, 2017 - Continuing
3/22/2020 AM "Only One Thing”
3/15/2020 AM
3/8/2020 AM "Realistically Speaking..."
2/16/2020 AM "The Multi-Cultural Commission"
2/2/2020 AM "The Constant Commission"
2/2/2020 AM "The Authoritative Commission"
1/19/2020 AM "The Heart of Prayer"
1/12/2020 AM "The Necessity of Prayer"
12/29/2019 AM "Christmas is Only the Beginning"
12/22/2019 AM "Peace"
12/15/2019 AM "Joy To The World"
12/8/2019 AM "The King's Love"
12/1/2019 AM "Hope in the King"
11/24/2019 AM "Grateful"
11/10/2019 AM (The Way, The Truth and The Life)
11/3/2019 AM (The Resurrection and the Life)
10/27/2019 AM (The Good Shepherd)
10/20/2019 AM (The Gate)
10/13/2019 AM (Light of the World--pt 2)
10/6/2019 AM (Light of the World--pt 1)
9/15/2019 AM ("DTR" --The Bread of Life )
9/15/2019 AM ("DTR" --Define the Relationship)
9/8/2019 AM (One Revolutionary Thought)
9/1/2019 AM (Violence in the Old Testament)
8/25/2019 AM (Violence in the Old Testament)
8/11/2019 AM (Substantial Hope)
8/4/2019 AM (What About Judgment?)
7/28/2019 AM (Choose)
7/21/2019 AM (God of All)
7/14/2019 AM (Naaman and Anti-Naaman)
7/7/2019 AM (Subversive God”)
6/30/2019 AM (Carrying the Torch) Pt#2
6/23/2019 AM (Carrying the Torch)
6/16/2019 AM (The Gospel Makes Us Steadfast)
6/9/2019 AM (Having It All...)
6/2/2019 AM (Two Kinds of "Wisdom")
5/26/2019 AM (The Gospel Transforms Our Tongues)
5/12/2019 AM (The Gospel Eliminates Favortism)
5/5/2019 AM (Two Kinds of 'Christian')
4/28/2019 AM (The Gospel Transforms Hardship)
4/21/2019 AM (Why the Resurrection?)
4/7/2019 AM (Good News for Derailed Worshipers)
3/30/2019 AM (Consider Your ways)
3/24/2019 AM (Yet I Will Rejoice)
3/17/2019 AM (Future-Driven Worship)
3/10/2019 AM (God is What?!)
3/3/2019 AM (Like an Ever-Flowing Stream)
2/24/2019 AM (Transformational Worship)
2/17/2019 AM (Now, about Music...)
2/10/2019 AM (Reverence vs. Religiousity)
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